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Employee Background Checks

Partner with Complete Payroll to run a variety of background checks and employment screenings for job candidates


Most background checks can be set up right away and deliver results within a day or 2.



We are accredited by the National Associated of Professional Background Screeners.



You'll be surprised how affordable it is to run background checks on potential hires. Especially when you consider it against the cost of making a bad hire.

Background checks keep your company safe.

Employers who use background checks greatly reduce the risk of employee theft, fraud and embezzlement.

Background screening may reveal past criminal behavior and save your company thousands of dollars by helping you prevent a bad hire. Additionally, it is important that you protect your employees and clients from sex and violent offenders. Background screening sends a message to your employees, vendors, and clients that you are serious about safety.

Employee Background Checks - Complete Payroll

70% of employers use background checks for a reason.

Hold job candidates accountable and keep your organization safe.

Partner with Complete Payroll to run a variety of background checks and employment screenings for job candidates. Learn more about the benefits of employee background checks and all our solutions - then complete the form below to get set up.
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Whether it be on the resume, during the job interview or through other information like employment or education history, it's estimated that 50% of job applicants provide misinformation somewhere in the process. Background screenings are an effective way to hold your candidates accountable.

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33% of business failures are due to employee theft. Typically people who steal or embezzle money from a company have a pattern of illegal behavior. Background checks can help you avoid hiring someone that may end up stealing from the company, its employees or even various partners.

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Violence & Drug Use

17% of all violent crimes occur in the workplace. And 8.2% of all full-time employees are illicit drug users. Background checks are an effective measure for determining if your candidate is likely to use drugs or bring violence or hostility to the office.

It is an easy process to do the searches on our new/prospective employees and the response time is typically 24-48 hours.

Employee Background Check Testimonial - Complete Payroll

Nicohl Swartley, Controller at Three Brothers Wineries and Estates

Find any check or report you'll need.

We can help you generate just about any background or employment history report you'll need. Below is an overview of some (but not all) of the most common reports employers generate with us.
County Criminal Search

County Criminal Search

A manual examination of a person’s criminal history report from the county seat in any U.S. county.

National SSN Address Locator

National SSN/Address Locator

National SSN/Address Locator is primarily used to identify aliases and counties where applicants reside.

Motor Vehicle Report

Motor Vehicle Report

Motor Vehicle Report provides fast, consistent reporting with direct access to driving records.

Credit Report

Credit Report

Helps employers protect assets by assessing financial risk within a matter of minutes.

Civil Litigation Search

Civil Litigation Search

Identifies non-criminal lawsuits by or against a person or company suit.

Government Watch List

Government Watch List

Helps identify individuals linked to terrorism or classified on government watch lists.


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