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new york labor law poster service article

One quick step to ensure New York Labor Law Poster Compliance.

The NY Labor Law Poster Compliance Kit has any state-mandated notice available for immediate download and print.


  • The state minimum wage notice required for all employers.
  • All the additional notices that you may be required to post, depending on your location and industry type.
  • All posting requirements for New York City employers.
  • Information about an automated poster compliance service.

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Overview of notices

The Kit includes notices that apply to a variety of employers including...

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Farmers
  • The hospitality industry
  • The construction industry
  • Construction workers
  • Employers that pay independent contractors
  • All New York State employers
labor poster compliance ny
labor poster compliance ny

A library of downloads

Did you hear the one about the restaurant employee who got hurt at work and then got sued his employer for $40,000 because the labor law poster wasn't up to date? 

We're not trying to scare you, but unfortunately this happens.  The Department of Labor requires your labor law posters to be updated. 

It's hard to keep up with all the updates and additions - which typically occur multiple times each year. Our Kit will help keep you up-to-date.


Every day, labor law compliance is becoming increasingly complex. Individual businesses are left with the headache of tracking down what required notices they need to display and when to update them. This devours time that could be spent focusing on growing their business, and leaves the business owner accountable for ensuring their workplace is compliant. With Complete Payroll’s New York Labor Law Poster Compliance Guide, you now have access to an easy-to-use solution that will help you stay up-to-date year-round without the headache.

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Hannah Peterson, Chief Loyalty Officer, PosterElite

Thank you for this great service! We have several locations, so it is easy enough to print out the poster and update them all.

Sheryl LaDelfa

Sheryl LaDelfa, Accounting Manager, Wayne County Water & Sewer Authority