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pfl letter template

Here's a free letter & policy template to notify your employees about New York's Paid Family Leave program (it's mandated).

New York’s Paid Family Leave Act requires employers to provide "proper written guidance" to all of their employees about the law by January 1, 2018 - or as soon as they start the mandatory payroll deductions. But they haven't been specific about what exactly qualifies as "proper notification."

Fortunately, our friends at Harris Beach PLLC have drafted a letter notification template and a policy template for you. Download them, customize them with your personal information, share them with your employees and you won't have to worry about any compliance issues.

Together we've made it easy.

There's not much to this. Paid Family Leave in New York will begin its 4-year gradual phase-in on January 1, 2018. And one of the critical obligations for employers is to provide written notice to all of their employees about the Paid Family Leave benefit that will now be available to them. The state has yet to be specific about what is "acceptable written guidance" but with these two templates, you don't have to worry about that anymore.

PFL letter policy templates.png
Employer obligations.png

We've got more help if you need it, too.

Since Paid Family Leave is a very legal-intensive program, and it's being funded through mandatory employee payroll deductions, it's no wonder a law firm like Harris Beach and a payroll firm like Complete Payroll would be experts on this new program.

If you need help setting up your payroll deductions, click here to get in touch with Complete Payroll. Or, if you'd like some legal guidance, click here to get in touch with Harris Beach.

My experience with Complete Payroll has been exceptional. I was a novice to payroll so my learning curve was big. Andrea is wonderful helping me navigate payroll - and not just fixing my errors but also explaining what I did or did not do.

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