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timekeeping calculator laptop

The Timekeeping Savings Calculator.

Fill out the form and we'll tell you exactly how much you'll save with an automated time and attendance system.

How much money (and time) are you wasting with your current timekeeping process?

Our Timekeeping Savings Calculator is a nifty tool that calculates how much efficiency you can realiably expect to gain with an automated timekeeping system.

Here's what it helps calculate...

  • Unplanned overtime wage savings.
  • Early punch savings.
  • Management hours (spent on timekeeping) savings.
  • Total estimated annual savings.
timekeeping calculator laptop

The implementation team at Complete Payroll really listened to our needs and made the process very easy. The software was easily tailored to meet our specific needs and it has streamlined many of the manual steps in our time keeping process.

Jennifer Manuse

Jennifer Manuse, Controller, Continental School of Beauty