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Learn more about TimeWorksPlus.

Simply put, TimeWorksPlus makes your life easier so you can spend less time processing payroll.

TimeWorksPlus is the premiere time and attendance system.

Whether or not your company is currently using an automated timekeeping system, TimeWorks Plus allows us to quickly and effectively improve time tracking for our clients.  Complete the form to connect with our Product Manager, Greg Nasso, to learn more about the product and find out if it's right for you.

Time and attendance simplified

TimeWorks Plus is intended to effectively manage the growing complexity of time and attendance in the workplace.  TimeWorks Plus offers a user friendly interface while providing significant features to better manage your labor expense.  Here is a list of a few:

  • Intelligent Clocks (prevents duplicate punches)
  • Schedule Enforcement (prevents early/unscheduled punches)
  • Schedules vs Time Worked Reports (compare planned versus actual hours)
  • Approaching Overtime Alerts (better manage your OT expense)
  • Smartphone Application for remote access
  • Automated Time Off Accrual and Balance Tracking
  • Electronic Employee Time Off Requests
  • Labor Allocation and Job Costing
  • PBJ Reporting
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Payroll Country comes through

At Complete Payroll, we believe effective Time and Attendance turns your labor cost into a competitive advantage.  But before we go there, you'll need to make sure the product is right for you. So complete the form to connect with Greg to learn more about TimeWorksPlus and how it can integrate with your process.


The implementation team at Complete Payroll really listened to our needs and made the process very easy. The software was easily tailored to meet our specific needs and it has streamlined many of the manual steps in our time keeping process.

Jennifer Manuse

Jennifer Manuse, Controller, Continental School of Beauty